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H&H has been Instrumental in the Tri-State

H&H Music is the Tri-State's premiere music store.  This family business was started in 1955 and has enjoyed its free standing location on Washington Avenue in Evansville, Indiana since that time.  Generations of customers have shopped at  H&H Music's convenient location and appreciate the relaxed professional atmosphere provided by the knowledgeable staff. 

Employing those with a strong musical background is a practice that began with the original owners, Horace Hetzel and Lee Hope.  Hope combined his experience as University of Notre Dame's band director with Hetzel's business background as an executive at Conn Music.  All of the current employees have musical backgrounds.

An educated staff does not go unappreciated.  Most high school bands within a 100 mile radius are serviced by H&H Music.  H&H instruments can be heard at national, regional and high school band competitions held in Evansville.

It is H&H's promise to provide only the finest quality instruments that attract and keep music lovers coming back to the store
Finding tunes to play on the fine instruments is not difficult, thanks to H&H's extensive library of printed music.

Another unique H&H feature is the service and repair offered.  Full time employee/technicians are trained in brass, woodwind, percussion and string repair.  Pianos can be repaired or completely rebuilt in a fully equipped shop at the store.

Expert advice, factory authorized service and guaranteed satisfaction explain reasons why H&H Music is the Tri-State's
"Trusted Name In Music."


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