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Back To School Sale

July 28, 2019

Back To School Sale

School is opening and it is time to make sure your musician is ready.  We have all of the items they need to start the year off on the right note.  

It is important to make sure your instrument is in good working condition.  Our technicians recommend having them serviced once a year.

If you player has been playing for a year or two you might need a new mouthpiece or a different strength of reeds.  Our staff can assist you as you make changes in equipment to allow your player to advance.

Care items are essential to help maintain the instrument.  The most popular oils, greases, swabs, neck straps, polish cloths and much more are all available for you at H & H Music.

  • We have several convenient ways for you to get the items you need.Visit the store and our professional staff can help you select the best items. 
  • Select the items from our website and have them delivered to school by our educational representatives on our first visit.
  • Have us ship them to your home.
  • Our staff can pull the items and notify you when they are ready for you at H & H Music.

We are here to help you with all of your musical needs.  Contact us if you have questions about the correct items for your needs.

Many of our directors have selected items to help you get the correct supplies.  You can start by typing your child's SCHOOL name in the search box on the top right of our homepage.