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Ben Wright - 2nd Trumpet - Boston Symphony

September 17, 2023

Ben Wright - 2nd Trumpet - Boston Symphony

Ben is an Evansville native and the second trumpet in the Boston Symphony.  He is on faculty at the New England Conservatory.  Ben has developed a library of training videos to help trumpet players hone their craft.

Here is the information that Ben shared with me.


The Sound Truth Library has nearly 250 video and audio clips that I split into 5 sections.


orchestral excerpts, 

symphony stage, 

etudes, and 

live performance audio.

The fundamentals section has nearly 8 hours of my playing and talking through the ways I practice the major methods like Clarke, Arban, Schlossberg and more. For instance, there are three videos covering how to practice my favorite exercises from Arban’s method. I will often assign one of these videos for students to cover over the course of one or two weeks. 

The orchestral section has all the standard orchestral excerpts and more. Some are simply recordings of just the music. However, on more commonly practiced excerpts like Ravel G major piano Concerto, there are lengthy tutorials and Practice Guides that have all the exercises I taught myself over the years to perfect my performance. 

Symphony Stage is the most unique section of the Library and allows you to play in my section. For instance, lets use former student, Ben Hauser’s example - 

He was preparing for the Florida Orchestra 2nd trumpet audition that he would later win and was working on the second trumpet part to the Bach’s Magnificat. He first listened to my playing all three parts and then practiced the second part with my playing the first and third parts, using the click tracked version. Eventually, he learned to match me quite well.

The final two sections feature recordings of my playing various etudes and recordings from my live performances in and around Boston.

All in all, there is nearly 20 hours of content in my Library - more than enough to keep you busy for AT LEAST a year. Remember, we learn best by example - the more you can listen to excellent  playing and imitate it the quicker you will improve.

Ben Wright
Second Trumpet, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Faculty New England Conservatory