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Why Join Band or Orchestra?

August 17, 2019

Why Join Band or Orchestra?

Here are some things to consider when thinking about playing in band or orchestra.

  • Studies show that musical training helps develop intellectual skills, increases spatial-temporal intelligence and develops creativity. 
  • Playing music in an ensemble promotes teamwork and the joy and rewards of group accomplishment.
  • Musicians realize the benefit of working through a process to complete a goal.  These skills are done repeatedly when learning new music for performances.  Learning to play a musical instrument teaches self-discipline, persistence and hard work.  
  • Music can be therapeutic for both the player and the audience.  Musicians tend to have less test anxiety than students who do not play music.
  • Performing music individually or as a member of a group helps the musician become more confident.  The group benefits from the individual skill of the members. 
  • It is FUN!


We are blessed to have many wonderful school programs in our area.  The investment of time and resources with a musical instrument can set you up for a lifetime of enjoyment.  
Our expert staff is ready to help you select the correct instrument and keep it working for your whole career.  Visit us in store or at to learn more about the possibilities of playing a musical instrument.