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Folk Song Solos, Level 1 - Schaum

NFMC 2016-2020 Federation Festivals Bulletin selection for Primary II-III.

When they originated, folk songs were passed along from one generation to another without written music. Many times they were sung unaccompanied. The melody of a simple accompaniment may also have been played on fiddle, guitar, banjo or whatever instrument was available. Over time, different performers made little changes in both melody and words. In some instances, there are now six or more variations of the same song. The tunes and lyrics in this book may be a little different than what is familiar to the teacher or student. Changes to music or words may certainly be made; however it is recommended that any revised notes and lyrics be written on the pages where they are used. Duet accompaniments offer many possibilities for recitals and school events. The duets help provide valuable rhythmic training and ensemble experience. The duets are recommended for use at home as well as at the lesson.

This volume includes 11 folk favorites: Bear Went over the Mountain • Bingo • Clementine • Goodbye Old Paint • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt • She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain • Shoo Fly • Skip to My Lou • and more.