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URBAN Guitar by Yamaha - KUA100

The URBAN Guitar by Yamaha comes loaded with features that make it perfect for new and aspiring guitarists ‐ even those that have never picked up a guitar before.

Comfortable to play, this attractive cutaway design allows you to play high notes that are usually a challenge to reach in standard acoustic guitars.

Playing's no fun when your fingers hurt. That's why Yamaha lowered the string tension, bringing the strings closer to the fretboard. When you press on the strings, you'll be able to form chords easier – and play for longer. Additionally, the strings were specially selected for their playability - without compromising the guitar's warm, rich tone.

The finish of the neck can sometimes cause your hand to stick. With a non-glossy matte finish, you'll find your hand moves easier along the neck - and won't get stuck as often.

Add a Soft Case for $69.99!