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101 Easy Ukulele Solos - Hearn

By Bill Hearn.

That’s right, the ukulele is a great instrument all by itself!

This book contains 101 solos that let you play melody and accompaniment all on one ukulele. If you’d like to sing, go right ahead; lyrics are included for many of the solos.

Each section starts with easy solos, complete with tips on ukulele technique and arranging. The music is written in tablature and standard musical notation, with suggested chords above the music for an optional second ukulele or guitar. Essential right and left-hand fingerings are shown in traditional classic guitar symbols and while most of the book is written in standard tuning, a few tunes are offered in both drop-B tuning and drop-E-flat tuning.

With selections ranging from country to classical, medieval to modern, and a Christmas section with seventeen traditional favorites, this ukulele collection includes music for every taste and season.

A useful chord dictionary and access to online audio of the author’s beautiful renditions of each well-crafted solo arrangement are included.