The Trusted Name In Music Since 1955!

Band and orchestral repair department staff

H & H Music is the tri state's "Trusted Name In Music" because we sell and service the world's best instruments.  We have professional repair technicians with well over 100  years of combined experience.  They handle minor adjustments to complete rebuilds and everything in between.

Professional musicians, teachers and students of all levels depend on our staff to keep their instruments in top playing condition.  Our commitment to "do things the correct way" is the cornerstone of our business.


Our staff

Jerry - Saxophone / Guitar / String Instruments...and anything else that is broken

Jerry has been working at H & H since 1980.  He has extensive repair training on all instruments.  Jerry repairs all of our saxophones for the students, teachers and professionals in the area.  

He also is an accomplished guitar luthier and is sought after for adjustments and complete restorations.  Orchestral and percussion instruments from players across the tristate visit him for tune ups and major repairs.  Jerry plays guitar, bass and drums professionally.  


Joshua - Service Department Coodinator

Joshua is a native of Rochester, NY.  He earned a BS in Music Education from Roberts Wesleyan College and a MM in trombone performance from Florida State University.  Joshua and his wife Emily moved to Evansville in the summer of 2015. They have a daughter Tamsin and son Zavier.

Joshua enjoys performing in several ensembles including the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra, Tales & Scales and Shepard Brass.  In his spare time he enjoys baseball, literature and Batman!

Jann - Clarinet Repair Technician

Jann has been working at H & H for over 30 years.  She started in the repair department as our shop coordinator.  After a short time she began to apprentice with our lead repair technician for over 50 years.  She repairs clarinets from beginners to professional players from across the midwest.

Erick - Brass Repair Technician

Erick is a master brass technician.  He has over thirty years experience at H & H and is the only S.E. Shires Certified Repair Technician in the region.  From a professional cleaning to an overhaul, Erick can make your instrument play like new.

Laura - Flute Repair Technician

Laura has experience as a woodwind player and has been training with our master technician for over a year to take care of all of your flute repair needs.  Flute and piccolo players from across the region have already experienced her work.

Samuel - Bass Clarinet & Bassoon

Samuel has been training with our master repair technician for almost a year.  His attention to detail is evident in each instrument he repairs.  Beginners to professionals have benefitted from his quality work.