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Rent a Band Instrument

We have the tri-state's largest selection of band instruments.  Most of our customers take advantage of our monthly payment program.  It allows you to obtain a quality musical instrument for your student and pay for it over a two year period.  Your child can try band and you can make sure he/she is successful with the chosen instrument.
While on our monthly payment program, you maintain the option to return the instrument at any time (no further obligation) or pay off the remaining balance.  You also have the option to switch instruments once while on the program (with prior director approval).  Most of your equity will apply to the second instrument.
We offer Accident Protection (HAPP) while you are on our monthly payment program.  This optional coverage makes sure the instrument stays in playing condition.  Bumps and drops happen even to the most responsible of students.  This takes that worry out of the equation.  We will explain this coverage in greater detail when we contact you about our available inventory.
How to start the process.....
Our monthly payment program requires credit approval through our business office. Please fill out the information below.  We will contact you as soon as your credit is approved to confirm additional details necessary to complete your agreement.