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Service Department (Before and After)

Our technicians have been expertly repairing instruments since 1955.  Instruments are works of art when they are new.  We do our best to return instruments to their original state and keep the area musicians' equipment in top playing condition. 

Yamaha Baritone Saxophone - marching band casualty

Yamaha Baritone Saxophone after a few hours with Jerry


 Flutes arrive in our repair department in various conditions.  This one has had a hard life.    



Jonathan was able to give it a new lease on life.





This baritone bell has been severely mistreated.  Fortunately, Erick and Eric were able to give it some TLC and it is ready to help a young musician learn to play.



 Our skilled staff can also fabricate replacement parts for all types of instruments.  Jerry is a master craftsman for guitar parts as well as the saxophones and other woodwinds.  Here is a great example of his handiwork.


The raw materials




Bound pick guard for a Gibson L5 archtop guitar



 We recently had a french horn in the repair department that had been dropped on the bell tube.  Erick was able to open the tube and return the instrument to good playing condition.