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Flute Solos - Level Two - Various Composers

Content: Ballet of the Shepherds (C. W. von Gluck/Steensland); Cradle Song (Mozart/Guenther); Elf Dance (E. Grieg/Steensland); Erin's Song (R. Guenther); Little Jug (Giguetta) (J. S. Bach/Guenther); Melodie (A. Rubenstein/Guenther); Melody (R. Schumann/Guenther); Melody from Don Giovanni (Mozart/Steensland); Minuet (J. S. Bach/Guenther); Nocturne in E Flat (F. Chopin/Steensland); Reverie (R. Guenther); Spanish Folk Song (R. Guenther); Two Dances (Beethoven/Guenther).