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Solo Sounds for Flute - Volume 1 - Levels 3-5 - Various Composers

Flute and piano. 

Content: Ballet of the Shepherds (from the Opera "Armide") (Gluck/Steensland); Canzona (Guenther); Estrelita (Little Star) (Ponce/Weber); Fantaisie (Lewallen); The Magic Flute, Song with Variations (Mozart/Steensland); Minuetto in C (Haydn/Guenther); Night Gypsy (Hahn/Hahn); Night Winds (Hahn/Hahn); Scherzino (Hahn/Hahn); Spandango (Hahn/Hahn); The Swan from "The Carnival of Animals" (Saint-Saëns/Perrin).