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Acoustic Piano Brands


The Albert Weber piano is born of a craftsmanship by an old world belief that accepts nothing less than excellence. The rigorous standards adopted by Albert Weber ultimately led to a piano that set the paradigm for distinctive sound and beauty. The amazing tone quality of the Albert Weber piano marveled by the royal houses of Europe is reborn through new techniques and innovation. The finest designs, materials, craftsmanship and technologies are why Albert Weber is the premier piano from Young Chang.


Since 1852 , Weber has been one of the most distinguished names in fine musical instruments and a preference of European royalty and superior performers. By adhering to the demanding principles in piano building advocated by Albert Weber, today's Weber maintains the high standard expected in an instrument designed by a master builder. Using old world craftsmanship combined with advanced technology, Weber pianos reflect Young Chang's and Albert Weber's proud heritage and experience. 


Young Chang pianos are the result of collaboration between Young Chang and the world's master piano builders.They are works of art that beckon to be played.The engineering, specifications and precise execution of every detail have made Young Chang pianos the choice of artists, teachers and students around the world.

Since 1857, discriminating purchasers have marveled at the fine craftsmanship that makes every Story & Clark piano a treasure. Exacting standards for tonal excellence and quality at a superb overall value are the hallmarks of the Story & Clark name.
Today, each Story & Clark comes standard with PNOscan, a state-of-the-art optical sensor installed under the keys enabling computer and digital instrument
connectivity via USB and MIDI ports.
Flexibility and choice make Story & Clark pianos the ultimate piano for the home, educational, and professional environments.
H & H Music is the area's authorized dealer for Story & Clark pianos! Story & Clark - Affordable quality and craftsmanship since 1857. Stop by H & H Music and play one of the consoles, studios, grands, or player grands with QRS player system.
With Pianomation, your piano can effortlessly provide live entertainment and ambience to every occasion in your home. To support Pianomation, QRS offers the largest and best library with over 3000 selections in every genre imaginable. 
Pianomation is available as a factory installation on every model of Story & Clark piano.
Our acoustic piano inventory will be updated shortly.  Please check back soon.