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50 Symphonic Trumpet Quartets - Mancini

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Category: 001, 015, 022, 028, 034, 038, 50 symphonic trumpet quartets, a hero's life, a hero's life (ein Heldenleben), adagio and rondo, aida, aida (triumphal march), albert, Albert mancini, albion suite, Albion suite (aria-finale), bach, bach suite, bach suite (andante-finale), band solo / ensemble, barber of seville, barber of seville (canzonetta), byrd, canzonetta, canzonetta (madrigal), capriccio variations, capriccio variations (on a theme by paginini), cc 1301, cc1301, CCP, charles colin, chorale, chorale (a mighty fortress is our god), chorale (judas. maccabeus), chorale and fugue, corelli, coronation march, coronation march (le prophet), d'almeyda, das rhinegold, das rhinegold (hunting song), debussy, don quixote, don quixote (tone poem), ensemble, Ensembles, fifty symphonic trumpet quartets, fughetta, Gabriel archangelus, gloria exegesis (b minor mass), gloria in exelsis, goddess suite, grieg, handel, huldigung's march, huldigung's march (triumphal march), indiana state list, indiana state list 001, indiana state list 015, Indiana state list 022, indiana state list 028, indiana state list 034, Indiana state list 038, infernal dance, infernal dance (the firebird), introduction and rondo, issma, issma state list, la ballerina, Mancini, mendelssohn, menuett d'antique, meyerbeer, mozart, Music, no 001, no 015, no 022, no 028, no 034, no 038, nocturne, nocturne-midsummer. night's dream, nocturnes, nocturnes (clouds festivals), palestrina, parsifal, Parsifal (synthesis), petite suite di padua, petite suite di padua (corrente gavotte finale), prelude, prelude (trumpet voluntary), purcell, quants-quint (largo finale), quantz-quint, quartet, Quartets, rondo cappriccioso, rondoletto, rossini, scherzetto baroque, scherzo bachiana, scherzo-midsummer night's dream, schubert, schubertstrauss, Siegfried's Rhine journey, Siegfried's Rhine journey (fanfare), sonata di cremona, sonata di cremona (aria falsete finale), Sonatina, sonatina (from "the serenade"), sound the alarm, sound the alarm (judas maccabees), sprach zarathustra, state list, strauss, stravinsky, suite di concertato, symphonetta, symphonetta (andante minuetto finale), taneieff, the goddess suite, the goddess suite (minerva Thalia psyche Diana), the valkyrie, the valkyrie (synthesis and magic fire music), till eulenspiegel, triumphal march, triumphal march (Sigurd jorsalfar), trumpet, trumpet quartet, trumpet quartets, tschaikowsky, twilight of the gods, twilight of the gods (synthesis), valkyrie, valkyrie (synthesis and magic fire music), verdi, von weber, wagner, war march of the priests, war march of the priests (athalia), Weber, wedding march, wedding march (fanfare)

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