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Demo S.E. Shires Custom Compensating Euphonium - EUSC-S

This S.E. Shires Custom Compensating Euphonium was purchased as a demo.  There are only a few of this model and they are currently being used by professionals.  This is a very rare instrument and is in high demand.  This is an EUSC-S in silver not a Q40 or Q41.

This instrument comes with the complete set of medium and large shank receivers.  It normally comes with two receivers.

Save 25% on this custom model and own your own S.E. Shires Custom 

Key:  Bb, Compensating System

Bores:  .591”, .669” 4th Valve

Bell:  11.5-Inch, Two-Piece, Hand-Hammered Upright in Standard-Weight Yellow Brass with Unsoldered Bead

Leadpipe:  Drawn Yellow Brass, Nickel Receiver

Pistons:Stainless Steel

Receivers:  EIGHT Interchangeable Receivers (Medium and Large Shank) - We ordered all of the options so you can customize your setup.

Finish:  Silver

Includes:  S.E. Shires Euphonium Case by Marcus Bonna and a Shires Mouthpiece