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Denis Wick Tuba Mouthpiece

The Aaron Tindall Ultra - AT3U

Cup Diameter 32.8mm
Bore 8.20mm


Cup Diameter 32.8mm
Bore 8.40mm

Helleberg-style cup suitable for most CC tuba playing. Rim designed by Warren Deck – one of the most comfortable rims ever made, featuring just the right amount of width and bite to give the player a sense of comfort and stability.

The shank of this mouthpiece has been very carefully engineered to fit all tubas with the standard ‘Euroshank’-type fitting. Original lead-pipes from Meinl-Weston and B & S were used in this process. The exact matching of mouthpiece and instrument leadpipe is vital to achieve the correct response from modern German tubas. 

Aaron Tindall said

I feel that upon trying these new models, the performer will immediately notice an increased sense of improved articulation, intonation, greater endurance, and significantly enhanced power in both the high and low registers. Along with these comes an ease of playing accompanied by a richer, broader, truer sound that we believe is currently unmatched by many of the other competitors in today’s market.