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Fanciful Waltzes - Klose

The waltz has been popular since the late 1700s, making it the oldest of all ballroom dances. While all waltzes are written in 3/4 or triple time, the music itself can portray a variety of styles and emotions, as these five imaginative pieces beautifully illustrate. Whether it's the delicate purity of “Crystal Ballerina,” the jazzy harmonies of “Lullaby in Blue,” the wry humor of “Maestro, There's A Fly In My Waltz,” the Viennese charm of “Petite Waltz,” or the sinister eerieness of “Transylvania Ball,” there's something in this collection to appeal to every early-intermediate student. This music is outstanding teaching material, as well as first-rate recital fare. Keys: F major, D major (2), B-flat major, C minor. 5 Solos: Crystal Ballerina; Lullaby in Blue, Maestro, There's A Fly In My Waltz; Petite Waltz, Transylvania Ball.

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