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Guild Repertoire - Intermediate B - Podolsky

By this level the student is ready for the easiest classics. But the classics in these books are not only the usual easier Bach and Mozart, they also include such composers as Corelli, Purcell, and Krieger. Besides sonatinas by Beethoven, Kuhlau, and Clementi, there are examples by Haslinger, Merkel, and Salutrinskaya. And while most of the Romantics are familiar (Schumann, Tchaikovsky, and others) there are contemporary compositions in new, but not extreme, idioms. Includes: Bach Minuet (L. Mozart) * Bouree (Krieger) * The Clown (Rebikov) * Dolls' Gavotte (Shostakovich) * Gypsies (Heller) * Hungarian Dance (Reinhold) * Minuet in F Minor (C.P.E. Bach) * Minuet in D Minor (Bach) * Minuet in G Minor (Bach) * Sonatina in C (Kuhlau) * Sonatina in C (Haslinger) * Spinning Song (Ellmenreich) * Toccatina (Kabalevsky) * To the Little Finger of the Right Hand (Turk)