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Scales and Arpeggios - Piano - Lukas

The Complete Scale & Arpeggios for the intermediate pianist by Larry Lukas and distributed by Santorella Publications is their most challenging scale & arpeggio book for advancing students. Major and Minor Scales are first introduced in one octave and well fingered with concepts of parallel and contrary motions being introduced.

Lukas then expands each scale to two octaves providing fingering suggestions on the first set only. Each scale is further developed into a three octave set with no fingering suggestions and advanced rhythmic patterns are introduced.

Arpeggio studies are treated in a similar manner. They are first introduced in one octave with fingerings, then two octaves and finally in three octaves with no fingering suggestions and adding intricate rhythmic values. Every scale & arpeggio is expanded to include studies in every major & minor key. This Larry Lukas best seller is a must for any serious piano student and will be greatly appreciated by every teacher working with exceptionally talented students.