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Mead Springs - for compensating euphoniums

This is the highly successful original set of the hand made MeadSprings, suitable for all compensating euphoniums and E flat or F Tubas. Sales of these springs have been quite amazing since the launch just around 5 years ago. Many of the world's leading players use these springs


  • The four stainless steel springs are covered in a thin fluoropolymer plastic tubing giving a completely silent action.
  • Each valve spring is numbered (1,2,3,4) and has to be inserted into the correct valve. They are numbered because the tension of each spring is slightly different, given that your first, second and third fingers are of different strengths, and your fourth valve has a different size and width of tubing. 
  • So each one looks slightly different but feels remarkably consistent to play.
  • No rebound bounce on your valve action whatsoever, allowing for smoother soft playing and without doubt more precision and speed with faster music.