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Trumpet (Cornet) Technic - Revised & Augmented Second Edition - Lillya

This is an outstanding collegiate syllabus developed by Clifford Lillya while at the University of Michigan and revised and augmented in the 1990s under Lillya’s supervision.

Basic Skills (Lip Slurs, Single and Multiple Tonguing, Intervals, Finger Coordination, Trills); Applied Music Theory (Major and Minor Scales and Triads, Dominant Seventh Chords, Diminished Seventh Chords, Augmented Chords, Perfect Fourths and Fifths, Sevenths, Chromatic, Whole Tone, Modal and Pentatonic Scales); Orchestra (transposition tables and twelve orchestral excerpts running the entire gamut of transpositions you’ll meet in the orchestra) & Band Routine(two Sousa Marches); Recital & Chamber Music Literature (a chronology of composers and players important in the history of the trumpet and excerpts from Bach, Mozart, Handel, Purcell, Clarke, Haydn’s entire Concerto in Eb both in urtext and as edited by Rob Roy McGregor, Puccini, Schumann, Vidal; Trumpet Ensembles (C. P. E. Bach - March and Processional for three trumpet(s) and timpani and Anonymous - Grand Trumpeter March for four trumpets and timpani); extensive Glossary of Foreign Musical Terms; and useful Web Site listings. 

Lillya’s book presents unique and penetrating practice/testing material and links together many different pedagogical materials by citing extensive additional sources of practice material for each different technical and musical aspect. A great help to the teacher and student alike, it serves as the hub of the wheel of a complete college curriculum. Royalties from the sale of this book go to the Clifford P. Lillya Scholarship Fund at The University of Michigan School of Music.